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Everybody knows that you will have no financial success if you don’t have a budget. This is a daunting prospect for many because they are afraid to be confronted with the reality of how much they spend. No matter how apprehensive you may be, the EveryDollar app can get you started on the road to budget nirvana. 

EveryDollar is a free program that you can use on your phone or on a computer. The paid version offers some automation which links to your checking account and tracks transactions automatically. Although this may seem attractive, consider the free version that you are forced to capture and record all of your income and spending. That’s the first step to getting a budget under control.

By means of an attractive and easy-to-understand interface, EveryDollar shows you where all the money goes. To a certain extent, it is a glorified ledger pad with a built-in calculator. But there is much more than that. Spending gets classified so you can understand which areas are getting how much of your income. All the math is done for you and the result is a visual representation that helps you plan your budget on a monthly basis. The app creates accountability as it shows you where you are on your spending at any given time. 

The goal is to set a realistic budget and stick to it. EveryDollar is more than up for the challenge. Knowledge is power and knowing where you stand financially will make you feel great. No more worrying if you are going to overdraw or have a transaction declined. 

The platform works incredibly well whether being used by a single individual or to manage the budget of a whole family. For example, the phone app means that each spouse will instant access to the family’s financial picture any time, no matter where they are.

EveryDollar is easy to recommend because it has such a simple interface. It takes no time to get up and running, and, since the app has existed for some time, there is a great community of users, including YouTube explainers that will help you get the most out of what EveryDollar has to offer.

If you are ready to take control of your budget, take a look at EveryDollar and you will know where all the money goes.


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