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I have been blessed with the opportunity to work from home and it’s a dream for many. I will tell you that if you ever get the opportunity take it because it’s as wonderful making a living at the comfort of your own home. One work-from-home job that’s increasing in popularity is being a proofreader. Many may think proofreading involves just reading and making notes on grammatical mistakes, but it actually requires a number of skills to be great at it.

Skills needed

  • Proficient in English: Having a solid understanding of how the English, as well as other languages, are constructed

Ability to notice small details: The primary tasks of a proofreader is catching grammatical errors and ensuring the work is error-free. Having a high attention to detail is required especially if you intend on being great at your job. If you tend to catch mistakes you could possibly be a great proofreader with the correct training.

  • Being tech-savvy: Many jobs require that you use certain editing programs, but it doesn’t require that you be all-knowing. As long as you’re comfortable with learning new tech don’t worry so much about what you don’t know because it all can be learned as long as you are willing
  • Self-motivating: When you’re proofreading from home, you’re largely left to be your own motivation so being able to just stay focused is a major requirement in this type of industry.

If you’re looking to do this part or full time it’s up to you. Having the ability to be flexible and working from home is enticing and if your interested has peaked here are some

FIVERR- is a freelance marketplace that allows you to set your own rates, create your own jobs, and build up your clientele.

UPWORK- this is another freelance job, but gives you the ability to receive a long term job. Upwork also tends to pay more than Fiverr.

FLEXJOBS- is an online job board that helps you find jobs based on various levels of experience. There is a membership fee, but it’s worth it based on the number of potential jobs the sites have.

WORDSRU- this isn’t a great place to start, but after you get experience this site caters to writers of all backgrounds and can help you build a great portfolio.

SCRIBBR- this service caters exclusively to students and their needs fluctuate so the jobs are diverse.


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