MacBook roundup

Apple macbook

So, you need a new laptop and you’re a Mac person, so, of course, you want to stick with the operating system with which you are most familiar. But which MacBook is best for you? Which is the best value? Here’s a quick rundown of what’s out there.

The best bet is a 2019 MacBook Pro with a 13” screen. This is an extremely well-balanced laptop that can check all the boxes, but still provide decent value. On the one hand, it is part of the “Pro” lineup, meaning that you have the stronger quad core processor and an upgraded screen. It is, however, the entry level “Pro,” so you are stuck with just two Thunderbolt 3 ports, which means you will often need some kind of dongle or adapter. 

Another issue for this model is the keyboard. Apple has now acknowledged that the short travel keys on the 2019 MacBook Pro are prone reliability issues. Also, a lot of people just complain about the feel of the keys. Apple has now replaced the keyboard and you are giving up that improvement if you go with the older model. 

If your primary concern is price, then take a look at the 2019 MacBook Air. Overall this is a slower model, but depending on your level of use, it can provide enough performance and costs several hundred dollars less than the 13” MacBook Pro from the same year. In fact, you gain some lightness and improved battery life with this less expensive machine. Obviously this is a slower machine and may not be sufficient for those who are editing video or using other resource intensive applications. That being said, it does have the same screen and the same amount of SSD memory storage. 

The luxury choice is the MacBook Pro 16”, which costs twice as much as the 13” Pro. This is the machine to use if you are editing very large photo and video files, or if you are connecting several hi-res monitors. Having the six core Intel processor makes a huge difference in connection with these tasks. You also get the benefit of the upgraded keyboard. 

For those who are committed to the MacOS and Apple ecosystem, all of these machines are more than adequate. Based on the kind of work you expect to be doing, there are a few choices to give you the best bang for your buck.


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