Get your piece of the advertising bonanza


The technological and economic revolution ushered in by the internet has exploded the ad industry. Ad content is everywhere now, and the data obtained from your personal online activity means those ads can be targeted like never before, making the return on investment higher than ever. The result is that hundreds of billions are poured into the ad industry every year, and the number is going up. With such a deluge of cash, surely there is some way for you to get in on the action.

The answer is yes, and you have a lot of options. This can be a relatively small supplemental income stream, or it can lead to more substantial earnings for those ready to put in the time. There are basically two approaches you can take – (1) get involved as an affiliate, and (2) become an ad manager for a company. 

The affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn by placing another company’s ads in various places around the internet. When one of those ads get clicked, you get paid. Some affiliate programs offer additional compensation if the person clicking your ad signs up for the product or service being advertised. Some commission payments are very small, but some offer a more lucrative return. For example, there online courses that offer commissions in the neighborhood of 40%-50% if the person clicking your ad signs up for the course.

For those who want to try and max out affiliate income, there are intermediaries who seek to aggregate affiliate opportunities or act as affiliate agents for companies that don’t want to manage the program on their own. Finding one of these intermediaries can lead to a more lucrative return by increasing the number of affiliate opportunities known and available to you.

The other approach is to see what you can get out of becoming a freelance ad manager for specific companies. There are so many start-up and other small businesses that are seeking to raise their internet advertising profile. If you can get the jump on knowing how to make those ads work, you can provide an invaluable service to one or more of these companies.

Regardless of whether you are contracted as a manager, or just want to see what you can get from affiliates, the first place to try and exercise ad mojo is Facebook. The data driven targeting that Facebook offers means you can skip expenses that result in unwanted views and only focus on meaningful clicks. Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are also excellent places to put ads because of the high rate of return.

There is just so much money in advertising right now, even if you never thought you would be in this profession, the tools make it simple for you to go out and get your piece of that big pie.


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