4 Ways to Make Photography a Career


Photography is often a solitary pursuit of passion, but thanks to the modern economy it can become a viable career for those who have the talent. Check out the below 4 ways that you can monetize your passion for photography:

1.       Sell Your Photos- A great way to make money when you have a talent for photography is to sell your photos. Websites like iStockPhoto and Shutterstock make it easy to do so, and this is a low-cost side hustle you can make money with, assuming your passion for photography has already led you to purchase the necessary equipment. You’ll be paid based on how many people download your photos, so be sure they’re high in quality and provide unique value to potential users.

2.       Teach Others how to be a Photographer- With all kinds of photography businesses popping up as a popular side hustle, it’s clear to see that many people want to get into photography. You can capitalize on this by teaching them how it’s done, for a price of course. This provides value to the new photographer through shortening the learning curve, so be sure to value your time appropriately when setting a price.

3.       Start a Social Media page for Photography- Our increasingly interconnected society has provided many benefits, including the ability to create niche social media pages and monetize the following they garner. From posting photos you’ve recently taken to boost your other side hustles, to creating a Youtube vlog that documents a day in the life of a photographer, the possibilities are endless when it comes to getting your photography passion to go viral on social media. Another angle you can take on social media is to provide short clips of you instructing others in the skill of photography, which can drive traffic to the teaching business that we discussed previously.

4.       Document Events in your Area- A great way to get exposure is to document local activities using your passion for photography. Often times the event organizer will take notice and potentially purchase the photos, and you can also garner referral business to take photos at other local events, including weddings and parties. 


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