3 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

stacks of 20 dollar bills

In the modern economy there are so many ways to make extra money, including these 3 ways that will help boost your bank account:

1.       Earn Extra Cash Doing Random Chores- If you’re short on cash and have some extra time on your hands, then doing random chores or tasks for those in your area can be a great way to pad the bank account, especially during seasons when people are short on time like the holidays. One way you can make some extra money is by cutting your neighbor’s lawns. You may not think there is an opening in the market after watching the armada of landscaping companies enter your neighborhood, but you lack their overhead so you can easily undercut them in the price department if you’re willing. You can also do other simple chores like cleaning homes, repair work if you’re handy with tools, power washing by simply purchasing a power washer, and any other option you can think of.

2.       Watching Other People’s Pets- Do you love being around animals? Then monetize your love for man’s best friend by watching the pets of your neighbors when they go out of town. This simply takes time and a willingness to perform the task, and can net you a lot of money even after you beat the local kennel’s price point.

3.       Open a Bank Account or Stock Brokerage Account- Everyone needs a bank account, so why not get paid to open one. Many online banks offer bonuses for opening an account with them since they’re not as well known in the industry. This can net you big profits if you read the fine print and play the game by moving your money through several institutions. These online banks also pay high interest rates that beat the rates of major banks many times over. Joining in the fun of promotions are stock brokerages, who now also offer bonuses of cash or free stock for depositing your money in their institution. As always, make sure you do your research when employing these methods so they don’t end up costing you more money than you gained through the bonuses. 


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