3 Easily Accessible Items You Can Sell for Cash

stacks of 1 dollar bills

If you need money fast, make some extra cash by selling these popular items:

1.       Items You Find at a Garage Sale- Shopping at garage sales and then turning around and selling the items you purchased for a profit, or garage sale arbitrage as it’s typically called, has become increasingly popular thanks to social media and Youtube. Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, or Gary V for short, has put out a series of Youtube videos showing him making hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars from going to garage sales on a Saturday and selling his haul on eBay. Like many who are successful in this space, Gary V treats it just as seriously as a business by going to as many garage sales as possible and negotiating a hard bargain in order to increase profitability. The key to this arbitrage is knowing what items are worth, which is why it’s a good idea to start this venture by purchasing items you’re deeply familiar with and have a passion for.

2.       Books from your Bookshelf- If there’s one thing that’s common today in America, it’s that many people have several books that they likely will never touch again. Why have these books sitting on your bookshelf, when they can be sold to earn you some cash? Before selling your books, be sure to do some internet research to see what they’re worth, as you never know when you may have a diamond in the rough. When figuring out where to sell, consider online sites like eBay as well as brick and mortar options like Half Price Books. Be wary of brick and mortar locations though, as their built-in overhead could cost you in the way of lesser profits.

3.       Toys from your Kid’s Closet- Just like the books mentioned previously, it’s quite common for kids to go through toys quickly, never to return to play with them. That’s why selling toys is a great option for parents looking to make some side cash. There are several online sites you can use to sell used toys, along with neighborhood mobile applications like Nextdoor that allow you to connect directly with your neighbors.


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